Aubrey Ellen Shomo (born Justin Michael Shomo) is a transgendered writer, activist, hacker, psychiatric survivor, network engineer, and dreamer. She has been published in Open Minds Quarterly, 2600: The Hacker Quarterly, and Transgender Tapestry.


  • Whiz kid is tech muse: Shomo, 17, is CEO of network company
  • Debate rages in Colorado over involuntary holds for mental illness
  • Essay

  • The Manifesto of a Noncompliant Mental Patient
  • Interview

  • Voices of Hope and Recovery: Our Stories, Our Lives
  • Personal Experiences with the Mental Health System: Emerging Intact
  • Talks

  • Sexual/Gender Minority Issues: Transcending the Mainstream
       (Alternatives 2007)
  • Righteous Anger: Young, Drugged and Locked Up: Recovered to Tell the Story
       (Alternatives 2005)

  • Film

  • The Hippocratic Oath
       (Film Your Issue)
  • Music

  • A Minuet Near D Minor
       (score) (mp3)
  • Blog

  • Fixing a Broken World

  • Publication Credits

    The Manifesto of a Noncompliant Mental Patient Essay (~1000 words)
    First published in the Spring 2007 Issue of Open Minds Quarterly. (Volume IX, Issue I)
    Published online on Mad In America. (madinamerica.com)
    Reprinted in the book In New Light: The many paths of identity, struggle & mental illness.
    Reprinted in the Winter 2012 Issue of Our Voice! / Notre Voix! (No. 56)
    Reprinted in the Summer 2014 Issue of Asylum (Volume 21, Number 2)
    Cited by "Insight" in the journal Clinical Schizophrenia and Related Psychoses authored by Gareth Fenley.
    The Psychotic SOC Article (~3000 words)
    Transgender Tapestry
    Published in Issue #110, October of 2006.
    Physically Accessing Your Apartment with Skype Article (~800 words)
    2600: The Hacker Quarterly
    Published in the Winter 2005-2006 Issue. (Vol. 22, No. 4)

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